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Starting to solve game responsiveness FUT 20 13th update patch launch

2020-03-16 08:22

EA SPORTS very rarely pushed another update patch of FUT 20 on Wednesday. This patch update number 13 is still the PC platform first, and the host platform is postponed for one week.

This patch adds a digital delay indication to some modes of server battle, so that players can better understand their network conditions. In addition, some bugs in game modes have been fixed.

The following are the details of this patch:


The following adjustments were made:

l During the player's defense process, the action effect of passively pulling the opponent player will no longer appear (passive);

l Slightly improved the accuracy of the joystick input for online games;

l This adjustment is most obvious when penalties are taken online;

l Slightly reduced the sprint sensitivity;

The following issues were resolved:

l Solved the problem that when the fancy skill is completed and the ball is held (the shot is taken after the fancy), the player will make a steal action instead of a shot action in some cases;

l Solved the problem that the caddie will only throw the ball back for a long time when the ball is rarely seen;

FUT Ultimate Team

The following adjustments were made:

l For game modes that use servers for battle, a digital delay indicator has been added when matching opponents;

l In the match interface before the match, the ping value with the server will be displayed, and the specific correspondence is as follows: (unit: ms milliseconds)

5 divisions, indicating that the ping is less than 30ms;

4 divisions, indicating ping 31-76ms;

3 divisions, ping 77-100ms;

2 divisions, meaning ping 101-150ms;

1 division, indicating that the ping is higher than 150ms;

l For the player detailed information interface, a player characteristics tab has been added, which will display all technical characteristics of the selected player;

The following issues were resolved:

Solved the problem that players available at level 30 will display the "Exhausted Contract" icon in the season goal, this is just a visual issue;

Career Mode

The following issues were resolved:

l Resolved an issue where certain elements in the Premier League radio package had been displayed on the screen during the game;

l Removed inappropriate textual information about the South American Liberator Cup news coverage;


The following adjustments were made:

Removed running celebrations;


Updated several jerseys;

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